Deep Fried Brains

It seems everything is reality show these days. I thought it would be a good night to chill and watch TV with the girls. A dating show hosted by Jerry Springer should have told me everything I needed to know but Morgan likes it and sometimes I need to relent. The show is called Baggage and one single man was presented with three single ladies that he might want to date. Each had three suitcases, small, medium and large with the baggage they carry around in their daily lives. One girl lived with her Mom and shared a room with her sister, one had such bad credit she couldn’t get her own apartment and the other owned a copy of every magazine that Tyra Banks was in. You could just feel the awkward discomfort because the guy didn’t want to date any of the women who were proving they were dateworthy by batting their fake eyelashes and shaking their asses. I cannot say I am a better person for having watched this show. During a commercial break an ALL NEW episode of Honey Boo Boo was advertised. I was shocked that this show is still being aired let alone in production. What are we doing to our brains? I am in a Friday funk. I feel I had to at least write something and maybe this admission of my hideous time wasting would somehow redeem me. Live and learn. Yay I am a cliche!!

I think I will eat some pork rinds and watch Jersey Shore reruns while petting kittens and writing poetry. 

Night All