Daily Prompt-Fandom

Are you a sports fan? Tell us about fandom. If you’re not, tell us why not.Photographers, artists, poets: show us SPORTS.

I am a sports fan. I like most sports but especially sports that draw crowds whether it be Super Bowl in your rec room with your closest friends or a stadium packed full of cheering fans, overpriced beer and the unmistakable smell of hot dogs!

There is an unmatched camaraderie at sporting events. Respect,  passion, hope and unabashed pride.

My husband takes sports VERY seriously. He yells at the TV and he is certain our attitudes affect gameplay.  He has on occasion tried to make me leave the room during an L.A. Kings game because he thought my negative vibes were causing them problems.

I am a little bit more laid back. Nobody likes to go to a one sided game/match but as long it is a hard fought battle I feel satisfied.  That being said I cried when Brock Lesnar knocked Randy Couture out (Only UFC fans will get this) Big, fat, heartbreaking tears rolled down my face. If I like a sport I get invested. I pick my faves or rather they pick me, I follow them, I know their strengths and struggles. Being a fan makes you a part of something larger.

After being reunited with my son Jeffrey after 19 years I got to take him to his very first NHL game. Playing hockey his whole life it was a milestone for him and definitely one for us. The love of sports brings people together,  creating a common ground to seed and grow from.

On our first wedding anniversary Kirk and I went to a Nascar race in Louden New Hampshire. Smack in the middle of a scorching New England day with thousands of fans; walking billboards for their favourite racers, we were enthusiastically caught up in the excitement.  The roar of the engines, the squeal of the tires, the fighter jet flyover, an unexagerated version of the star spangled banner preceding the checkered flag. A day we will never forget.

Haley and Morgan both play Roller Derby so of course we are their biggest fans.  There is nothing like cheering for your child in a full contact, edge of your seat sport. I have been known to whoop, clang a cowbell, scream, close my eyes, shout loudly, hold my breath and yes I have probably held back a tear or two.

There is something very raw about an athlete focused on a goal. They are like machines ready to unleash their power and fury.To witness that type of passion is an amazing experience!

Are you missing out?


Morgan Mayhem playing Roller Derby

Me with Dan Henderson (Hendo) at UFC 100 In Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay

Haleyluhjah Playing her First Roller Derby Game

Jeffrey  and Kirk playing garage hockey