NOT a crazy cat lady

My cat Aulie is over nine years old. We named her Aulie because my husband picked her up on the side of the Highway when she was just a wee kitten in a place called Aulac, New Brunswick. I didn’t consider myself much of a cat person but my youngest Haley was just a baby when Kirk called to say he had rescued this kitten someone had thrown out of a moving vehicle. She was much too young to be taken from her mother but I guess the disgusting people that disposed of her like she was yesterdays trash didn’t much care.

My husband stopped the truck and trailers he was hauling, a set of Seaboard B-trains loaded with fuel and ran down the dark highway to scoop up the wounded, scared kitten. Although she was tiny and her face was beat up she was a beautiful kitten and he loved her instantly. She didn’t share the same sentiment.

We had Aulie vet checked and got the OK to bring her home to be part of our family. She chose me as her human and likes to shower me with attention. Aulie will on occasion warm to Kirk and the girls, mostly when she is hungry or just in the mood but generally she reserves all of her attention for me.

The problem is she does not like to be held or cuddled. She will lay on me and play with my hair or bang her head into my hands to force me to pet her but she does not like to be held. It’s weird, I always thought it had something to do with her early separation from her mother but some days I just think she is a jerk. She is controlling and likes that our relationship be on her terms only. She often sleeps with me when my husband is away working, sometimes she cannot get close enough to me but I cannot put her in my arms. I have often woke to find her watching me. It’s a little creepy but since I am her human I guess it’s normal…right??

A couple of days ago she got quite annoyed with me because I tried to cuddle her. The nerve of me, she stormed away all sullen and bitchy feline like. She also found a new “human” though it is not human at all. I think she truly feels that my Halloween Skello is her mama. She cuddles into her at every opportunity. I want to put Skello away till next year but I just cannot bare to break Aulie’s heart. If she is not eating or doing her lady business she is cuddling with Skello.

It really is the perfect relationship. She can get as close as she wants and Skello doesn’t try to hold or hinder her. Skello is there when she wants and never leaves. Right now she is cuddled up and as content as can be. I think Aulie has found her happy place. It looks like Skello is getting a Santa hat and sticking around!

Bad Day

I had a bad day. I simply wasn’t feeling well and everything seemed like a chore, especially going to the grocery store when I got in my truck and it wouldn’t start. Hubby was on his way back up North when I frantically called him to turn around. Damsel in distress. Damn fuses!! Thanks to my honey I was back on the road in minutes.

I spent $109 at the grocery store and came home without the cat food I went for. I have determined the cat eats too much. My cat is odd and she only likes me. I am her person. It is truly tiring being someones everything but in all honesty I can see why she picked me. She is however not beneath sucking up to others when she wants food and Haley  has been trying to win her affection by feeding her soft food daily. The cat now thinks she should eat several times a day and has taken to befriending anyone who she thinks may crack a can of the good stuff for her.  My cat is a player. Playing with the emotions of people who genuinely think she is being affectionate. Shame on you Kitty!

I was going to say I accomplished nothing today but I did make a couple of nice meals, tidy the house, get groceries, win a staring contest with my cat and order a new laptop. I am excited for my new laptop to come and since I am typing this on my phone I am probably overdue.

Hubby is back up north today after a whirlwind visit. We had a fun time this weekend pretending to have all the stamina and swagger of twenty year olds. We had a nice dinner with friends this weekend at Pampas. It is an authentic Brazilian Steakhouse with continuous tableside meat service. It was very delish but for two days I felt like I was having a meat baby.

I am planning on sleeping like a baby tonight. Kirk had surgery to remove a lump on his back Friday and he is very  sore. In trying to avoid hurting him I have been sleeping all curled up in the fetal position.  In the morning my body feels like that of a senior citizen after a game of extreme dodgeball.

Tomorrow I will pick up my regular blogging schedule but tonight I am going to read, stare at the TV, annoy the cat, ignore the kids and wash down two advil with some wine.

Thanks bloggers for the awards you sent me on the weekend.  They are fun and appreciated. I just need some time to catch up.

Have a lovely evening!