About the girl

My name is Michelle and I live in Edmonton, Alberta with my husband Kirk, our two girls, two very large dogs and a tiny old cat. I used to live with a bunch of demons as well but day by day I am evicting them from my home and my life and finding the courage to be my authentic self.

I started blogging as a means of reflecting and healing after I was reunited with my son that I gave up for adoption when I was 16. Thousand Acre Heart is an honest, sometimes heart wrenching account of my journey from a scared and heart broken sixteen year old girl to a woman and a mother, struggling with love, trust and worthiness.

In January 2016 I started The W.I.S.E. Project because even though I thought I finally had everything I needed to live a happy life I wasn’t truly happy.  I have a deep and profound desire to seek and experience joy and live mindfully in the present.

I called my Blog “Dancing in the rain” because I like that feeling of total abandonment of your inhibitions when you dance in the rain. It makes me feel free, and whole!

I am learning to embrace and love who I am, in turn I am happier and I am able to live for the moment instead of stuck in the past or worrying about the future. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery. Lets get W.I.S.E.

With love xx

44 thoughts on “About the girl

  1. Your hubby and mine must be related since your description of yours matches my thoughts on mine! Wonderful space you have here and I appreciate that you popped over and followed my little corner of the blogosphere also!

  2. Michelle, thanks for sharing so honestly.

    My oldest brother was put up for adoption by my mother when she was very young and she suffered for a long time considering the ‘What Ifs’

    They eventually reconnected and unlike yourself the family he was placed with was not so wonderful 😦

    I think that placed more burden on her heart.

    About 2 years after that, she passed away.

    I’ve only come across your blog and intend to spend some time sifting through your posts to read about your journey!


    1. I appreciate your visit. Do you and your brother have a relationship? Writing has really helped me so feel free to ask if you have any questions. I am an open book!

  3. Funny timing you were on my list to visit tonight after seeing your blog on OM. After having a little poke around I am definitely looking forward to seeing what posts come in the future. I will see you round the blogging sphere. Jenni

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