I Am the Highway- Wise Project 2018 #TenaciousTuesday

Today Chris Cornell would have turned 54 years old, as it is he remains timeless to me and his lyrics as well, will never get old. I wanted to reblog this post to honor Chris today, along with my late husband Kirk and all of those that suffer and need a voice.

Dancing in the rain!

screenshot_20180123-114721674765536.jpg Highway through Banff National Park

I was about 20 years old and living in London, Ontario and I hung out with a group of Western University Students that for a moment in time were a cross between an episode of Friends and a season of Seinfeld.  The leader of our pack was a hot artist named Adam from Vancouver that dated my friend Krista for a New York minute. My entire life up until that point could have had its own soundtrack and I loved the evenings that we spent at the local brew pub; The Ceeps; singing along with faithful Rick and his guitar and his tireless repertoire of classic songs that were our parent’s favorites. This morning I was driving Morgan to school and Neil Diamonds Sweet Caroline was playing on the radio, Morgan turned to me and said “every single time I hear this song, no matter…

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