More than a feeling-W.I.S.E. Project 2016

On Saturday my girls and I will make the nine hour skip to Larch Hills with my Mom. I am so excited for her to experience Tin Poppy, a place that has captured our hearts and holds a little bit of my soul. Last years trip was a healing journey, we were in the thick of mourning my husband Kirk, and though he is incredibly missed I will always celebrate the memories we made at Tin poppy, some things get to last forever.

Dancing in the rain!

Sunsets, sunrise, high tide, full moons…they are beautiful moments but like most good moments they are fleeting. Like the wind in your hair on hot summers day with the dial turned up and the open road ahead of you and that momentary perception of pure joy. It’s a feeling, a second, a minute if you are lucky. These are the moments that make up our lives but often we need to coach ourselves to breath in, look around and enjoy them before they are gone. When we practice gratitude we experience more of these moments that enrich our lives.

How often do wish you could capture the feeling of a place? Maybe it’s your lakeside cabin or your grandpa’s farmhouse. It’s more than that initial awe that strikes you when you glimpse it for the very first time; it’s the feeling of unceremonious joy and gratitude you get when you…

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