Learning to fly-W.I.S.E. Project 2016

Imagine how different our lives would be if we realized that every person we connect or reconnect with has a message or a lesson for us. Sometimes those messages are lost in translation due to our discomfort or our egos. I am learning patience and humility and realizing that just because someone does it differently than me doesn’t mean their way is wrong. Thank you to everyone who has shared a bit of yourself with me over the past year, it is has been a journey, there is as much beauty in our struggle and our rising as the sun lifting into the sky each morning, we just have to be willing to see it. We are so much more than our collective scars but in sharing the things that make us who we are we help others on their journey and when we own every bit of our stories we avoid being a character in someone else’s. Talking and sharing is valuable but I have learned a very important lesson this year; listening is a superpower. xo

Dancing in the rain!

A soul in tension that’s learning to fly
Condition grounded but determined to try

~ Pink Floyd, Learning to Fly

My husband always tells me I have a beautiful soul. He said if he could describe me in one word he would use sunny because I always try to bring the light and see the bright side. I do try to be careful about that when the darkness comes, when the demons of depression have their arms around him, because I know that sometimes looking on the brighter side of things is just not a choice for him the way it is for me. Also, nobody likes a Pollyanna. Pain matters, sadness is for a reason. If we constantly brush off our pain and don’t allow ourselves to feel sadness we will dismiss the lessons that those feelings bring.

I asked him this morning if he thought that the intensity…

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