The Word And The Day.

Or maybe they were screaming, but in the wrong direction. If you scream into a mirror, all you are doing is yelling at yourself. No one can hear you. No matter how loud it feels…”

A Medic's Mind

Weather you are young or old, you have likely heard that word by now… The word that strikes emotion deep within the hearts of some, whilst causing perplexity in the minds of others. A word often spoken as a whisper, and in some circles, viewed as a sin. A word that is understood in meaning, but abstruse in its actuality.

Suicide… the taking of one’s own life…

For a number of years, suicide and I were intertwined… colleagues, if you will? …


No matter if it was the middle of the day, or the dead of night, it was my duty to respond, and I did so willingly. Meaning that as a medic, I often found myself within homes of the recently deceased. Observing lives that had been cut short by their own hand. It does not matter the descriptors I use, nor the detail in which I use them…

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