Beasts of Burden-W.I.S.E. Project 2016

Photo credit: Auf ihrer Reise

I wrote a post the other day admitting that I have a very difficult time with uncertainty. I doubt that I am alone in this. How many times have we referenced the Benjamin Franklin quote “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” We are surrounded by uncertainty, the weather, love, how long we are going to live, whether we are going to have good hair on picture day…we just don’t know.

I liken uncertainty to a new romance, there is excitement but it is uncomfortable.

I am attempting to mature by letting go of my need for certainty in every situation. I want to be willing and curious and accepting of the unknown. Life has no guarantees, I have heard it said thousands of times yet regardless I have a desire to know what happens next.

I would be extremely uninterested in reading a book or watching a movie when I already know the outcome so why can I not live my life with the same acceptance.

Uncertainty is an element to be closely treasured, without it we would never endeavor to take any risks. The burden of our insecurities and fear of judgment and ‘what could be’ would change our lives significantly. There would be no creativity, no growth and no change.

I have therefore realized that ambivalence, hesitation, unpredictability and precarious are not dirty words but they are words that I have decidedly allowed to hold me back.

As a lover of wisdom I am striving to be comfortable with the unknown, to embrace the beauty and freedom of uncertainty and remove the chains imposed by predictability! I like answers but I will never have all the answers and maybe finding them can be  much more fulfilling then having them anyway!

 “Risk means ‘shit happens’ or ‘good luck”  ~Toba Beta

Be W.I.S.E friends.

Writers are needy people. We thrive on interaction. Let me know you were here!

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