Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da-Life goes on. W.I.S.E. Project 2016


I was an imaginative child and honestly back in the day of high wasted jeans and mullets you had to be. We didn’t have X-box, Netflix and Iphones, we had mud puddles, trees and tadpoles. I wouldn’t trade my childhood for anything in the world. I think my children have been so lucky to have been given exceptional experiences during their informative years, I just don’t think they compare to mine.

I remember the first time I watched Bridge to Terrabithia. I was mesmerized. It brought me back to my childhood and the countless hours I spent in the woods with my friends, and sometimes by myself, creating wonderful fantasties. Sometimes we were princesses and knights and others we were peasants and princes.

Day after day I never failed to be awestruck by every tall tree, each moss covered stone, every sun kissed clearing. I loved the blue of the sky, the green of the trees, the song of the birds and chasing vividly colored butterflies.

If I wasn’t delighting in the sun peaking through the treetops I was dancing playfully in big fat raindrops and chasing the pot of gold at the end of the glorious rainbow.

There was a huge stone that we passed everyday on our way to new and exciting adventures and we called it our Blarney stone. We would kiss it and make a wish. As far as I recall the only thing I ever wished for was to be as happy always as I was that very moment.

Life wasn’t perfect though. I didn’t go to the woods for a very long time after I lifted a piece of wood and saw a snake. I went crazy, screaming and crying all the way home. I was so traumatized by that little garden snake that I had nightmares for years to come.

Those were the days that you were not supposed to be further than screaming distance from home. It didn’t matter much because our parents were happy for the break so long as you heard your mom call you for supper all was right with the world.

There were times that I felt under appreciated by my family. I was full of wit and charm and a creative spirit that couldn’t be contained. Often, when I felt that my gifts were being overlooked I would pack a drawstring sack full of Archie comics and an old sleeping bag and run away….all the way to my treehouse. Every one in the house was aware that I was running away. I didn’t quietly slip out the side door leaving them frantically worried. I left very dramactically, letting everyone know that I was troubled by the lack of fanfare I was recieving.

I spent what seemed like a month of Sundays in the trees waiting and waiting and waiting some more for someone to come find me in my treetrop hideaway and beg me to come back. Nobody ever came. When I had to pee bad enough I went home sulking.

I grew up and stopped going to the woods. I no longer have a treehouse to go to when life gets tough. I stopped creating fairtales, wishing on Blarney stones and believing that there was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

When we are young we always hope to be older, never imagining that the day will come when we will lose that joyful enthusiasm to simply live each day as it comes and the euphoria that overcomes you when you pull your shorts over dirty skinned knees to face another sun drenched summer day with your friends.

I  want that feeling back.

I started the W.I.S.E. Project because I was not happy. I had no particular reason not to be happy except that I had let the world beat me down a bit, I was mired knee deep in the past, fearful of the future, stressed out by bad news,  bills, bad drivers and horrible grocery store people. I felt simply unable to catch a breath and enjoy the simple pleasures that each moment brings.

Starting this project I knew only two things for certain. I didn’t want to feel that way and only I could change it. The last couple of monthes have been transformative. I am not building treeforts in the woods yet but trust me when I say I wish I could.

Misery indeed loves company but so does happiness, so if you want to follow along with me it is never to late!

You can now interact with me on the W.I.S.E. Projects new Facebook and we can support and enourage each other HERE 

My W.I.S.E. Principles for the month of May are:

Warmth-Be as warm and friendly as possible. Especially to my family.

Intimacy- Continue to invest in my close, personal relationships.

Serenity-Seek out moments of calm and tranquility including those important five mindful minutes a day.

Enrich-to continue to enrich my life by putting greater value on people and experiences over things as well continuing to seek knowledge and joy!!

I am looking forward to interacting with all of you and having you share your experiences and progress. Thanks to all of you that trudged through my incredibly long relationship post. The only thing worse than someone with ‘new money’ is a person full of ‘new knowledge’. I was so overcome by everything I had learned and how it has improved my relationship that I wanted to share and I didn’t want to leave anything on the cutting room floor!!


Chat soon. Be W.I.S.E. friends.






Writers are needy people. We thrive on interaction. Let me know you were here!

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