W.I.S.E. Project- Fat Amy gets busy

When I said I had a lot to learn I was not kidding…

Sunday morning started great. I noticed that now that I am a nicer person to be around my 11 year old is spending more time with me and less time in her room. Another thing I realized is that she had been trying to hang out with me all along and everything she asked me do my answer was “maybe later”

She commented on it today because I did everything she wanted me to do from the minute we got up. She was feeling pretty lucky so she asked me to be in her Instagram video. When I said “yes” she commented, “Yay. You always say no!”

Well not anymore. I am Yes mom now, well to an extent. I know how important it is to have my own time and I think I was trying to take it before, I just wasn’t using it correctly. A mom who doesn’t take time for herself can very quickly become overwhelmed.

Haley put on her fancy new apron that her Nanny got her and we made chocolate chip pancakes together. We then made an Instagram video and then she said “Do you want to work out?”

Haley making Chocolate Chip Pancakes

“YES.YES I DO” I was in fact quite excited. I have been living a pretty sedentary lifestyle, even avoiding going upstairs at work more than I absolutely need to because of the two sets of stairs. I usually like to go for a walk but it’s hard for me to get excited about a walk when it’s -15. I can’t really call walking around the Soccer Centre leading an active lifestyle.

So I guess to put it honestly I have been really friggin lazy.

Haley and I got our work out clothes on, that was an event in itself. I had already downed a bunch of water so I had to pee several times before I was finally ready to work out and then sixty seconds in I had to change my bra because these double DD tatas were going to knock me out.

So after we took about a half hour or so to prepare we started a Cardio Workout that Haley picked out online. I’m pretty sure it was from the “Kill Mom” website. Moments in we both hated the host and if I had a swear jar my mortgage money would be in it. At one point I moved my workout to the couch for some horizontal running and Haley said “OMG you’re Fat Amy!!!”

Well let me tell you, I LOVE FAT AMY. That girl has it going on. A couple minutes later Haley collapsed and props to her she was giving it her all.

Fat amy

Not easily discouraged we decided that we maybe should have eased into our working out. We took a big gulp of water, adjusted our sports bras and our attitudes and started our own Kick Ass 80’s dance workout that began with MC Hammer, Can’t Touch this! We just danced and danced and danced some more, did the stanky leg, shook our big fat booty’s. We did some partner dancing and some surprise drop and squats. That concerned Haley because she said “If you think you are not going to be able to get back up please don’t do that!”

I did allow Haley to choose the last song which was Focus by Arianna Grande and we cooled down to some Justin Beiber. It was so fun that we decided to meet in the basement every morning at 6:30 for a morning dance party. Morgan is going to hate our guts!! Haley and I have already warned her.

Haley Said “Sissy mom and I have a new lifestyle. We eat healthy. Well Mom eats healthy but I eat healthier then I did before, and we workout and have dance parties and we’re happy!”

I am confident that Morgan will get with the program soon.

Ironically I am off to help Morgan with her presentation on…wait for it…happiness. Something tells me she is not feeling so happy with us right now. Happiness is contagious, she will catch on.

Be W.I.S.E., be happy, get active.

Michelle xo

Happiness is contagious, be a carrier!


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