W.I.S.E. Journal notes- Remember to taste the wine

Notes from my W.I.S.E Project Journal.



Have you ever felt really busy but you are not sure why?

For me, my mind is often so busy thinking of all the things I need to do that it tires me out. The biggest problem is that in always looking ahead at what needs to be done I often forget to enjoy the present.

Have you ever poured a glass of wine (or juice, scotch, milk…whatever your pleasure) and your intention was to really enjoy it but the glass is empty and you don’t even recall drinking it?

I want to be that really annoying person that sits back in their chair with wild abandon and notes the hints of cherry and vanilla in the cheap Merlot and compliments the smooth finish. I don’t care if I am drinking a $10 or a $40 bottle, I want that experience every time.


The present is all we really have, the past is gone, the future is uncertain so I think to learn to live in and fully appreciate the moment would be a great gift to myself.

One of my biggest problems is that I spend a great deal of time thinking about what needs done around the house and it takes away from my enjoyment of my life. It’s hard to even sit back and enjoy a glass of wine when I am worried about picking up dirty socks and cleaning out the fridge. I think it can also lead to over-drinking. If one glass of wine doesn’t make me forget, 7 likely will and I’m always up for a good challenge!

That is why I kicked off my W.I.S.E project by organizing my space. For me a De-cluttering my home helped declutter my mind. I want to rule my mind and not have it rule me.

I got some wonderful feedback last night and thank you to everyone who reached out to me. For that reason I wanted to share some of my journal notes from this month so far.

I jotted down and circled the word intentional. It’s just a word but to me it has opened up my eyes. 40% of happiness is intentional. By focusing on my monthly principles of W.I.S.E. (January being Wonder, Imagination, Smile and Energize) I am being intentional in trying to be happier.

Getting more rest, eating well, drinking lots of water, organizing my home, spending more quality time with my girls…all intentional.

There is so much of our lives beyond our control, knowing we can be intentional and contribute to our own happiness is a great thing.

For those of you who like the reassurance that you are doing well you will find that in yourself. I was wondering last night if my family notices that I am happy and more engaged. That was important to me till I realized that my focus was to be happier and more engaged and I am feeling that so their applause of my efforts is not really necessary.

I am enjoying the Sunday morning quiet at my house over a cup of black coffee. I hope you will join me.

Michelle xo

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