The year long story: sentence two

I think this is such a fantastic idea. I love the idea of strangers (or friends you haven’t met yet) collaborating on something fun. I am excited to see what direction the story takes in the next year. Head over and join the fun or just check it out.


line by line

So, this is harder than we thought it was going to be. A lot harder. There were so many great suggestions we could scarcely choose just one, but one we must. After deliberation, here is our choice:

Annie You can find Annie’s blog at:

First the headache, and now, here I am, standing in the main street of town, after a two hour train trip, and now, only now, I see I am still wearing my slippers – even worse, two different slippers.


We thank you for all of your suggestions and are looking forward to the next round:) This is just too much fun!

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Writers are needy people. We thrive on interaction. Let me know you were here!

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