Fire in the Sky


My Grampy Miller used to say
Pink sky at night ‘sailors delight’
Pink sky in the morning ‘sailors heed warning’

It’s a crisp morning in the Capital city currently sitting at -11. The good news is that we are expecting sunshine and +4 and the morning sky looks incredible!

My youngest daughter and I just burst out into song singing Trooper “We’re here for a good time! ”

Sending them to school with a belly full of bacon and eggs and a smile.

My coffee is ready…it’s a good morning! !

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26 thoughts on “Fire in the Sky

    1. I was having an especially happy day. I think I just get so bored of people complaining about the weather, I prefer to find the beauty in every day!! The sky was indeed breathtaking! !

      1. You missed the STRONG part of strong and free. We don’t freeze we endure. It hasn’t been that cold here yet but my husband is working about 5 hours North and he said it was -26 celcious the other morning. ..he also works outside. Ouch!! I definitely would prefer your weather but you take what you get and make the best of it 🙂

      2. -26 celcious? and working outside, your husband is what in Spain we call as strong as a bull, or in the U.S you they would say though mother fuk..r (excuse my french)
        Hope you have the heat going on at home.

      3. It’s a pretty dry cold here so it’s much different then places that have high humidity. However, now matter how you look at it COLD is COLD!! Yes hubby is a tough Mother Fkr!!

      4. No kidding it´s slang for husband, it actually has a nice ring to it. Hey if a man is willing to take that type of job and support the family….you should call him every day `lover boy´. Man hater!

      5. Haha. You’re smooth Charly, but you lost me at my parents basement. I have a good guy, he just moved me to the Northern chill cause he knew I was built tough!!

      6. It´s a nice basement, just kidding I come and go to my parents house since they´re going through some rough situations in the family I try to help out my mother, and the days that I stay is when I most blog or spend time in front of the computer.
        I like tough! He got a nice girl, hope I find a good one for me.

      7. That is nice, I am sure your Mom appreciates all the help!! You will find the girl you are looking for when you are not looking. (You are not going to find her at the craxy exes place. ..unless she is delivering pizza or something) Have a great morning. I am saying goodnight!

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