I love you more than mashed potatoes!!!

Busy today so I am reblogging an old piece that I think has a great message. Have a wonderful day.

Dancing in the rain!

I will be painfully honest and say that I don’t know a whole lot about depression. I have been guilty of believing that people just need to lift themselves up and out of it. I do still believe that to a certain extent but after extensive research I now know that that is sometimes easier said then done. I have family members and friends that suffer from depression that ranges from mild to severe to everything in between. I am acquainted with people who suffer (functioning) bi-polar and those that show signs of several disorders. I recently read a book about shadow syndromes.   Shadow syndromes are people that display signs of several different disorders and often go unnoticed or even undiagnosed or misdiagnosed by doctors because they are high functioning members of society. I encourage anyone who struggles with some form of depression or mental disorder or has someone…

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