Looks Like We Made It

I posted this last year on our tenth wedding Anniversary, I cannot believe another year has passed. 11 married years and it was a better year then the last. I think we learned a lot about ourselves that allows us to be better people and be better to each other. I wanted to share it again because it will always be relevant and a little video I made to celebrate 11 years. I made it to seem like it was a time capsule being looked at in the future.

Kirk is away till the end of the month so I hope he sees this and knows how much I miss him. Cheers to many more years.



I am feeling pretty nostalgic waiting for Kirk to come home and celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary so I thought I would share some things that I have learned…Marriage is hard, from way back in the Cave Man days when men clubbed you over the head and dragged you back to their cave it is unnatural to assume two people can live in peace and harmony all the time. Marriage requires work and upkeep, people will maintain their houses and vehicles but forget to maintain their marriage. To Error is human, to forgive divine. The minute you say “I would never”…you will! Fill your life with memories not things. Fun and laughter are fuel for a marriage. A marriage requires two people, you only become one in the eyes of the government, retain your individuality. If you truly love someone your heart will be broken a million times, but each time it gets stronger and great strength will get through this crazy world.


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