All about me Daily Prompt-Your Life the book

From a famous writer or celebrity, to a blogger or someone close to you — who would you like to be your biographer?


A book all about me!!
I do think I have some valuable stories to share, most people do. Lives are interesting and not just celebrity lives.  The raw, emotional lives of everyday people can be facinating if the story is told correctly. I always envisioned I would write my own biography or even a bestselling fiction novel. In writing fiction I get very absorbed in the characters and I spice them up with qualities of people I know.

So I will play along and the answer came shockingly easy to me. If I were to choose someone to write my biography,  an honest, poignant,  funny and true account of my life I would pick Diablo Cody. Diablo Cody is someone I have amazing respect for! She has never fit into Hollywoods mold so she broke it! Blogger/Stripper turned author, turned screenwriter of the unforgettable Juno, her journey in itself is inspiring.  When I found out that she was executive producer and head writer for United States of Tara (one of my favorite dramas….where did it go?) the answer was clear. I think Diablo is definitely the person to wander through the  parking lot of my messy brain and pick just the right vehicles to tell my story. I picture late nights fueled by wine, laughter and tears sifting through my memories determining what holds the most relevance. She would make me feel everything in my life all over again but with a strong and open heart. She would delete, backspace, highlight, quote, caption and capture the very essence of me with her magic pen and put it into a neat little package. Thanks Diablo!


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