Monkey On My Back

Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation


“Be yourself,  everyone else is already taken” -Oscar Wilde

If one experience or life change results from you writing your blog, what would you like it to be?Photographers, artists, poets: show us SINGULAR.

Writing forces me to put my messy brain in order, slow down and somewhat organize the thousands of thoughts playing pingpong in my head at any given time. The greatest change in me since starting my blog Dancing in the Rain is the confidence to be myself. When I began writing the series Thousand Acre Heart where I candidly talk about teen pregnancy,  adoption,  grief, marriage and motherhood I found a forum that I feel very confident in simply being me. It was sort of a “coming out” in a public way and saying “this is me, all of me, take it leave it. I am choosing to be happy”

Some of my confidence came with age and wisdom, some of it came with being reunited with my son and filling a very big void in me but a huge chunk of it came from acceptance.  Accepting myself, my choices and all the crazy little things about me. I don’t want to be anyone else but in accepting myself it makes me want to be me…only better. A better listener,  a better mom, wife and friend.

Blogging helps me refect as well as organize those thoughts and goals so it has been a big and positive life change for me.



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