Daily Prompt-A Mystery Wrapped In A Enigma

I SPY…shhhh it’s a secret!


Tell us something most people probably don’t know about you.Photographers, artists, poets: show us MYSTERIOUS.

It was a difficult task to find something people don’t know about me. I am pretty much an open book. On my blog I really don’t leave much to the imagination but you might be surprised to know that I to want to be a CIA agent.

The idea of globetrotting to exotic locales cheating death in a sexy black catsuit and the perfect shade of drop dead red lipstick is intensely alluring to me.

Obviously there is more to being a spy then looking hot on foreign soil but I am completely drawn in by the Hollywood glorification.

I have even convinced myself when I wake still tired with unexplained bruises that I must have been out saving the world. I have a collection of wigs and a couple of hot black dresses perfect for a soiree in Dubai. My code name is Fabulous and  my strength is appearing as if I am of average intelligence when in reality my brain capacity is immeasurable.

I have the strength of ten large men, excellent navigation skills and I can cook a mean chilli. I am spy of the year material.

I am very strong willed, because the spy world is not for the feeble. I do not have a hypno coin or spy classes (those are so yesterday) but I do have amazing gadgets which are really not gadgets at all, they are mind tricks.

I can tell you no more, for if I did I would have to kill you!!

Sydney Bristow my favorite spy!



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