Wasted Generation- VERDICT; listen loud, listen now, listen often, tell your friends!!!

Wasted Generation- VERDICT; listen loud, listen now, listen often, tell your friends!!!

A while back my husband and I met friends in the dingy basement of the North Edmonton Strip Club Eden known to locals as the Dungeon. Unbeknownst to me at the time it was a music venue and this was their final night, a goodbye bash. Eying the dark, unpleasing surroundings I could only guess why. We were there to see a local Edmonton band that our friends supported but there were some opening bands first so I grabbed a couple of Vodka & Crans and took the seat that was saved for me near the stage.

To be honest I was excited, because I love nothing more than a great rock band playing their hearts out in a Sleazy bar! A couple of doubles in and the Edmonton Quartet known as Heaviside took the stage. Within mere minutes I was a fan. I felt transported back to a time when Rock and Roll was just that, pure and simple with no flashing signs, no girls dancing in cages just an electric mix of guitar, bass, drums and powerhouse vocals that was nothing short of combustible.

I said to Kirk, “they are very Led Zepplinish, the singer reminds me of a young Robert Plant, his voice is commanding and he has an undeniable swagger! “ My husband disagreed with me and likened his stage presence to that of the late Jim Morrison who is regarded by critics and fans as one of the most iconic, charismatic and pioneering front men in rock music history. I felt by this point we had gotten our money’s worth and this wasn`t even the opening act. The lead singer we were arguing about was vocalist and Guitarist Mitchell Reynaud who formed Heaviside along with high school friend and magnetic bassist Kyle Green. Adding Mitchell’s younger brother Spenny on drums and lead guitarist Johno Hermary, they began earning a reputation in the local rock scene.

We went home that night knowing nothing about this band except for what they left on the stage and that was significant but we wondered why this band was playing in this tattered basement bar. Like any good rock performance you leave wanting more and we did. They had won us over.

I have followed Heaviside ever since, even getting to know a little bit about the band members, their families and the loves of their lives. They are a very likeable, diverse, smart group of young men. I have never seen Kyle without a smile, his talent and his delight in the life he leads is undeniable. Johno is a seriously captivating guitarist and a funny and engaging young man. Mitchell has the flair and swagger of some of the most famous lead vocalists I have ever seen but seems to be void of all arrogance in regards. Spenny is the shy younger brother of Mitchell. I love to watch Spenny, the sound he produces by pounding on his drum set is staggering and I believe he is surprised by it himself every time. It is almost as if he is not aware the magnitude of the genius sound he creates. I am not certain that any of them do, but they know the value of hard work and though humble in regards to their talents everything they have goes into their live performances.

Recently Heaviside released their second CD Wasted Generation. In May their first single Lady debuted on the Canadian Active Rock Charts. Both my children have it on their iPods and I guarantee you, listen once and you will listen again, and sing along. Lady only left me over anxious to hear the rest of the CD and I was so excited to have been invited to the pre listening party before the release. Listening to the CD in great company was fantastic but I was sad that I could not get my hands on a physical copy and even more excited to hear the new songs performed live. This is a band that you listen to in your car, on your iPod, while you do housework but you make an effort to see them live at every opportunity. The true test of a band for me is if they can perform as well or better live and Heaviside truly delivers!

The wait is finally over and the after the unforgettable live show at the release party I decided to get serious on my long drive to Saskatoon last weekend and instead of listening to War Machine super loud four times in a row I was going to impartially listen to the CD in its entirety from beginning to end and give you my honest opinion.

So thank God the drive from Edmonton to Saskatoon is flat and my truck has cruise control because seconds into the CD I had mastered the air guitar, air bass, air drums and I was even able mimic some of Mitchells on stage moves albeit sitting down (with my seat belt on Mom!) and I was also eating cherries.

The bands musical influences are many and they are indisputably classic rock fans. The CD starts out with the lively War Machine which starts out thunderous and builds into a full blown storm. The rest of the album follows suit with steady bass grooves, ear candy guitar riffs, roaring drum beats and vocal magic.

The CD is as smooth as butter, best listened to loud and very engaging. I dare you to not sing and perform along with it. It is brilliant unadulterated ROCK and fkn ROLL!! Listen loud, listen often and do your friends a favor and tell them. This band is going places and I cannot help but feeling when I listen to BRING IT ON that they are more than ready for whatever the future holds. My only complaint is that I wanted more but that is what the repeat button is for. 

Come along for the ride friends as this group of enterprising young musicians navigates their way in the world of Rock N Roll because it is sure to be one hell of a trip!

Heaviside will storm into the Calgary music scene for the first time ever on Saturday June 23 at Shooters Bar and Grill! No Cover Charge!

Listen and buy their new CD below!


Check them out,


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