Gone are the days when you could push your friend in the pool without wondering if their iPhone is in their pocket!

Ahh the good ol days!! I must be getting old now that I can say that. There is something to be said for the days when life was care and worry free. I say to my husband all the time that our twelve-year-old daughter doesn’t care about anything but herself, maybe that is that way it is supposed to be when your twelve! When I was twelve I cared about plenty. I cared about Jon Bon Jovi, Archie Comics and I cared what J.R was going to be up to on Friday nights episode of Dallas. Friday night was a big night when I was twelve. It was family night and we would crowd into the living room around our 20 inch color T.V. with the Root Beer floats my mom made, patiently awaiting the antics of J.R. Ewing. I believe in the 1986 Season finale (I have just cleverly inserted my age for those of you who pay attention), Pam’s car was in engulfed in flames at the end. I didn’t much care, I thought she was pretty and I loved her auburn hair but she was whiny and annoying. Yes those were the days, the living was easy…Huey Lewis and backyard barbecues. I am to hip too be square!! Top Gun was on the movie Network and Lionel Ritchie was dancing on the ceiling. We weren’t texting or tweeting or face-booking. We were talking, reading, writing, playing Wang Chung way too loud on our boomboxes. We were cool, before it was even cool to be cool!!

I quit my job very recently. It was a decision that didn’t come lightly. My daughters Haley and Morgan are 8 and 12 and my husband works in the Oil Sands so it is a good opportunity for me to reconnect with my family, be more available, less stressed and get my house in order. My room darkening curtains allow me to sleep in a lot longer then I intend which is nice but my grand plan was to Spring Clean my house and start fresh in this new journey. My decision to write a blog was in part to talk about the people and things that piss me off on a daily basis and partly to avoid spring cleaning my laundry room and my 8 year old’s room. These two rooms scare the shit out of me. My husband gets up early and works late everyday so I have a guilt complex that doesn’t allow me to spend my whole day doing nothing (so if I sleep in I must stay up late) So all things being relative I think a blog is perfect for me. I have dozens of topics I want to explore and I think that the transition of super busy working Mom to a little more mellow mom could be quite amusing and therefore I am actually doing the masses a favor by taking the time to blog. By the masses I mean my Mom and my Aunts Terri and Darlene because they might be my only followers. I will do my best to amuse them and maybe evoke thought and a couple of tears from time to time.

I do have things I am passionate about and I will shamelessly promote them to no end. If I haven’t mentioned yet I do consider myself pretty damn cool so the things I promote such as music, books, TV, sports will be equally cool. I watched Dr. Phil last week and called my Mother crying. She laughed and said I sounded like a housewife. I haven’t watched it since. I am not much into daytime TV, except Young and Restless which I PVR and watch in the evening. Watching TV has been just a late evening past time for so long that is a hard habit to break. If I was to promote any daytime TV it would have to be Ellen. That lady is fantastic. Haley watches her clips about Sophia Grace and Rosie on her iPod all the time. We used to take our lunch at 1 pm at work to watch Ellen. She dances and dancing is great!!

I guess before I sign off here I should explain the title of my blog “dancing in the rain” You all know that saying “Life is not measured by the breaths we take but the moments that take our breath away!” I cannot agree more. I think it is important to let go of sadness and hate and focus on the happy moments in our lives. It is a struggle for me sometimes too. Life isn’t easy when your husband works away. Like I should complain when I am getting an opportunity to get out of the rat race for a while and focus on my family but when that special person in your life is gone 80% of the time and you have a few short days to spend with them you really have to live for those special moments.

I love rain! I have heard people say that rain is God crying. People curse rain! I think rain washes away the bad, promotes new growth, brings flowers and rainbows. I especially love a sunny day followed by a huge drenching rain shower. In my twenties I once got caught in a torrential downpour. It was sunny when we went out and I was dressed in shorts and a tank. Walking home the sun clouded over and these dark clouds flooded in and then the sky opened up and spewed buckets and buckets of rain. We tried to run home but gave in and danced in the rain. It was freeing and I don’t know if I ever felt more alive. I am not superstitious so I don’t think God was crying, if anything I think we just really needed that rain. I think at that moment I needed that rain, to slow me down and stop running through life. Sometimes we all need to just take a moment and “Dance in the Rain!” Life is short so slow down and enjoy those special moments.

It may be raining, but there is a rainbow above you! You better let somebody love you….before its toooo late!!

(Ok so I stole the last line from The Eagles)

Forecast says rain tomorrow. 😦

(I won’t take back everything I said but I straightened my hair tonight and if I walk the kids to school in the rain it will get all kinky. LOL. See life is just not simple. In the good ol days we got perms and now we straighten our hair. Go figure?)!

Goodnight Friends.

Mama Mayhem

Link to one of my Dads favorites, maybe that is why I love a rainy night! ENJOY.


2 thoughts on “Gone are the days when you could push your friend in the pool without wondering if their iPhone is in their pocket!

  1. Love it!!! Your Dad always said you could talk to a post….now you are talking IN a post! I look forward to the continuing story. 🙂

    Love, Auntie Dar

  2. I am afraid….very afraid…. of the things you could remember and write about me….but I love to read what you write so much that I wish I could send you a box of pizza crackers to thank you… Those WERE the days.
    Aunt T.

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